Level 1 / 2 / 3: Serious Games for Interdisciplinary Design


The use of serious games for sustainable design education informed by Integral Sustainable Design Theory (ISD), which proposes a holistic approach to design, integrating qualitative as well as quantitative perspectives. As illustrated below, this suggests that four simultaneous views on a problem can be represented by quadrants, which locate qualitative evaluation and quantitative performance from both singular and collective perspectives


The project can be thought of as a scaffolding application that introduces ISD principles in an engaging way, as a precursor to designing with sophisticated parametric design and environmental simulation software. Our intent is to provide a fun, abstract learning space with ‘rule of thumb’ performance feedback on design decisions and is not intended to provide the accuracy of scientific simulation or the vivacity of photo-realism. Below is the game developmentplan.

Serious game overview

Features of the game development plan. Level 1 is complete and can be downloaded.    We are looking for collaborators for Levels 2 + 3. If interested please contact Jules.       

Alongside a design education research agenda, various other research questions emerge that include: What is the relationship between representation, engagement and design cognition? What interface and game mechanic facilitates virtual collaboration in small groups? What parametric ‘kit of parts’ provides a motor for innovative use and reuse in virtual environments